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Polycarbonate Graphics Overlay
Outstanding Printability, and Thermoformability, mechanical strength
Light Diffuser Panels/Film
Including Polycarbonate Light Diffuser Panels, Light Guide Plates(LGP): Excellent Flame Retardancy, and Dimentional Stability.
Polycarbonate Sheet Optical Grade for Display in TV etc.
Polycarbonate light guide films or panels and Polycarbonate diffuter panels are all application for all size display widely,like automotive display,mobile phone,pad,notebook,electric book,TV,etc.
High Performence Panels for Railway Transit,Areospace Industry,Seafaring and Public Transportation
OMAY 波丽奥 high performence panels application for railway and airplane widely,there are standard gray, brown, other colors can be customized which flame retardant, low smoke, high impact resistant, ea...
Flame Resistant  Films for New Enegy Battery(FRPC/FRPP/PP)
Film for new enegy battery,Insulating sheet. Insulation plate. Insulation materials. High temperature resistance. High pressure resistance. Fire. Antistatic. Bending. Corrosion. Pollution power supply...
Polycarbonate Film & Sheet Optical Grade for Coating and PVD
OMAY Optical Polycarbonate films can be used for hardcoating,Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD),These hardcoated and PVD films provide improved abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and other benefits...
Polycarbonate Film & Sheets for Travel
OMAY 波丽奥 performence films application for Luggage & Roof Boxes.LC serice films used for slitting,printing and thermal forming.LC11 serice polycarbonate films provide all kinds of textrue,like dia...
ID and Security Polycarbonate Film
OMAY ID & Security Polycarbonate Film offer manufacturers safety, aesthetic, and performance requirements in identity and security cards, while at the same time improving card durability,C71-C is ...
Light Guide Panels & Film(LGP & LGF)
OMAY polyopt optical polycarbonate films and sheets application for backlight Units(BLU) and Front Lighting design.Including polycarbonate light guide films and panels(LGF and LGP),Brightness Enhancem...
Hardcoat and Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Film & Sheets
OMAY polyopt Coated and Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Films & Sheets coated 2-sides or 1-side.Excelite Anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet has an abrasion resistant coating,it provides enhanced str...
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